Portrait session with Emily Ulmer

We have been swamped over here with work, school vacation and family in town. And I have not been able to find one second to myself…

But, here are a few photos from the portrait session we did awhile back with the wonderful photographer Emily Ulmer. We are so glad to have these nice images of us all together. And hopefully I will be able to get back to the blog soon…Have a beautiful day!

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Le Weekend

Sunday we spent digging around at our annual neighborhood garage sale, and we found some super cheap goodies for the kids and for their room. Hope you all had a nice weekend. Bon lundi tout le monde!

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The munchkins

I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that by next week both the little ones will be off to pre-school and daycare – full-time…I am dreading it with every second that passes. I knew this day would have to come eventually. For the past three and a half years I have been lucky enough to be able to spend almost every waking (and sometimes not so much awake:) moment focused on these little munchkins. I know that billions of mothers manage to balance it all, but it’s going to take a little adjustment. My heart is so heavy…

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From Shanghai with Love

During the last Playtime Paris edition I discovered a very cute new brand called Milk & Biscuits. The designer and owner is Kate Smith, a lovely English expat living in China, where she has set up shop and family. The brand runs for girls and boys, ages 2-8, with simple cuts, soft fabrics and a slight retro feel. We are in love. Check it out here.

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