Reality check

This past year has been a very emotional and painful one, it made me question so many things and added a constant fear to my daily life living abroad and living in a city. The recent elections in the U.S. have just added another level of crazy and uncertainty to what lies ahead for us and for our children…

This morning I went on the blog for the first time in so many months, I felt a real need to reconnect and to take time for something that is so important to me. Our days fly by and the blog is just one of the many things that unfortunately has been put on the back burner. Looking back I realize how much love and how many friends I have met via this space. And how it has allowed me to document so much of the love that I have for my children and for our life here.

So, here’s to taking the time, taking the time for family and friends, to teach love and compassion, to educate and to spread the love. Have a nice weekend:)

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Last year I discovered this great Korean kidswear brand called Tambere, that launched in Europe in 2015. I love the fashion-forward attitude and spirit of each collection, the fabrics and details are always an interesting mix. With all the kids brands out there, they manage to propose a new mix of silhouettes and ideas for the little ones, but always with a cosy feel. Check it out!

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Loving this brand

Loving everything about the Spanish brand Paloma Wool right now. Am saving up for some pretty prints for spring…

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getting fit

I have still not managed to start my 2016 resolutions, but I am at least starting to THINK about them…even though I’m writing this with a glass of wine in my hand, and haven’t I had glass of water all day – Ughhh! There’s lots of work to be done. But I am feeling the need to turn myself around and get fit and start this new year right. Does anyone have any good at-home workouts? I would love any suggestions ! Now let’s get started !

Photo from The Dreslyn

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