Hunt in the Palais-Royal

Wednesday we went on a little egg hunt in the Palais-Royal with Colette. We only found one egg, but the hunt was worth it:)

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Waiting for Spring

Spring is officially here, but unofficially it’s still super cold and grey in Paris. This weekend we tried to keep busy – turning pants into shorts, making forts and trying to avoid the rain. We are crossing our fingers for some warm weather and sunshine for the Easter bunny! Bon lundi tout le monde.

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Art in the City

Saturday we left the house as the rain started to pour down, with two kids in a city this doesn’t leave for many possibilities. We decided to head over to the Palais de Tokyo. It actually turned out to be a relatively kid-friendly choice. We spent the entire day eating, doing arts and crafts and running like wild – a perfect rainy, yet cultural, Saturday.


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We celebrated Halloween a little late this year, and it turned out to be an all girls event, all besides our little elephant. There was a majority of fairy tale creatures and princesses, we played a few games, but as usual the real hit was the candy, and luckily no meltdowns:)

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Rock & Pebble

I have been a huge fan of the Mr Printables craft and design website for ages. And they have recently introduced their own line of cool kid’s toys, called Rock & Pebble. Stella fell in love with her little Pear house instantly, it’s so much more creative and imaginative than a traditional dollhouse. She brought out all of her little blocks and dolls and played for hours. And it even folds flat so that we can bring it on holiday with us!

Je suis un fan depuis longtemps du site créatif et ludique de Mr Printables. Et maintenant ils ont leur propre marque de jouets et activités pour petits, qui s’appelle Rock & Pebble. Stella a adoré sa petit maisonette Poire toute suite, plus ludique et imaginative qu’une maison de poussée classique. Elle a joué pendant des heures. En plus on peut le mettre plat pour voyager en train avec nous en vacances!

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Cité des Enfants

The rain has still not stopped, and we are fast running out of ideas to fill our days. Yesterday we went to the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie at La Villette. We reserved a spot at the Cité des Enfants (for ages 2-7 or 5-12) for an hour and a half of fun activities and games. Stella had a blast and we will definitely be going back if the rain keeps up. Now, what should we do today?!

La pluie ne cesse pas et on est a court d’idées pour remplir nos journées à la maison. Donc hier on a été à la Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie à La Villette. On a réservé une séance dans la Cité des Enfants (pour petits 2-7 ans ou grands 5-12 ans) pour une heure et demi d’activités et jeux. Stella a adoré et je pense qu’on retournerait vite si le temps continue ainsi. Mais alors, qu’est-ce qu’on va faire aujourd’hui?!

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Proud mama

Yesterday was Stella’s first dance recital (I promise there is no video)! And since we are not allowed to watch them dance each week, it was a real surprise to watch those little 3 and 4 year olds make juice with their feet, get stuck in the mud, run around like horses, jump like frogs and slink like caterpillars! We were so proud of her. And believe me it was not easy to hold the baby back from taking part in the show:)

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What’s for dinner?

I have been in a real cooking slump lately, I just can’t seem to find the time or energy to make a new interesting meal. So the search has begun for easy, yummy and family friendly recipes. Here are a few easy and hearty options!

Je n’ai pas du tout envie de cuisiner en ce moment, je n’arrive pas a trouver le temps ni les idées pour faire des repas de famille. Donc j’ai commencé à chercher pour des repas simple, fun et bon pour toute la famille. Voici quelques options facile, fun et surtout bon!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

(check out my Pinterest for more:)

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Baby at the farm

Well this past weekend was baby’s first visit to a farm (la Ferme de Gally), and it was quite the adventure…someone fell and skinned her knees and had to be carried the entire day, so someone got a special flower crown to make her feel better, while another little someone was very excited about the animals but was even more excited about holding his plastic bottle all day (impossible to pry out of his hands!)


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The past two weeks have been pretty wild, the kids were off and my mom was visiting from Charleston, yeah! We not only managed to fit in one, but two birthday parties for our now one year old, visit the newly opened Paris Zoo, discover Aix-en-Provence for the first time, look like major tourists at the beach, eat some big (way too expensive) fish in Marseille and just have an overall blast. Now if I could only figure out how to post to my blog from my new phone…

Les deux dernière semaines été un peu folle, les enfants étaient en vacances et ma mère nous rendait visite de Charleston, yeah! Nous avons quand même réussi à célébrer pas une fois, mais deux fois, l’anniversaire du un ans de notre fils, visiter le parc zoologique de Paris qui vient de re-ouvrir, visiter Aix-en-Provence pour la première fois, avoir l’air de grosse touristes à la plage, de manger le poisson le plus cher du monde à Marseille, des vacances génial. Maintenant, il faut juste que j’arrive à faire de postes sur le blog depuis mon nouveau portable…

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