A fresh new year

I am so happy to welcome 2016 with open arms. To move past the terrible and emotional year that was 2015. To try and start fresh, with new resolutions and hopes.

Some goals for 2016

To be more patient, to really take time for myself, to drink more water, to drink less coffee, to read a book (yes, an actual book, not a magazine), to take time for my skin (yeah, 40 is the new 20, but tell that to my skin!), to make more time for my family, to be more creative with the kids, to put down the phone, to get outside, to relax and to slow down and enjoy – basically to just be a little better at everything I am trying to do right now – and again, to be more patient. Breathe…

Here’s to a year of peace and honesty, of love and kindness, of forgiveness, of strength, of hope. Happy 2016 friends, wishing you all the very best for this new year.

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Over the Ocean

Loving the selection and feel of this new online store Over the Ocean. The selection is great and these photos of Anna Cor’s house on their muse section are beautiful…

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Where does the time go? It’s been ages since I’ve had time to post on the blog, for the past year somehow the days have just flown by… But this rentrée I have promised that I would take more time for myself and to get back to what I love – spending time with the family and friends, exploring and taking photos. With back to school and a new job, it all seems pretty daunting, but I really hope to keep it up…

In the meantime, here are some pics of our days in the sun, which seem so far away now in this cold September air… Hope everyone is having a great back to school and had a relaxing holiday weekend!


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Our days

Our days have been filled with the busy day-to-day and the mad rush of the holidays and birthday parties upon us (someone turns 4 very soon!). I have started back to work full-time, and it’s taken some getting used to, almost used to, our new hectic schedule.

The days fly by and I haven’t had much time to do anything else, let alone spend quality time with the kids. I really miss taking photos and writing on the blog, and I hope that after the holidays I will have more time. But right now every extra second is spent with my family, and trying, but not very successfully, to get some much needed sleep. Apparently our kids don’t need very much of it…

Here are a few pics from the weekend. I hope you are all having a more easy and relaxing holiday preparation than I am! Have a nice week!

Nos jours sont bien rempli avec les taches quotidiennes et la folle course vers Nöel et une anniversaire (quelqu’un va bientôt avoir 4 ans!). J’ai commencé à travailler à plein temps et ça nous prend du temps à s’habituer, presque s’habituer, au nouveau rythme assez chaotique de cette nouvelle organisation. 

Je ne vois pas les jours passé et je n’ai pas le temps de faire grand chose, et encore moins de passer du temps avec les enfants. Le fait de prendre les photos et écrire sur le blog me manque beaucoup, et j’espère que après les fêtes je retrouverai le temps de le faire. Mais pour le moment chaque minute libre est passé avec ma famille, et j’essaie, sans beaucoup de success, à dormir. Mais apparemment nos enfants n’ont pas les mêmes besoin de sommeil que nous…

Voici quelques photos de notre weekend. J’espère que tout le monde arrive à préparer leurs fêtes avec plus de calme et de zen que moi! A très vite et bonne semaine!

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Rock & Pebble

I have been a huge fan of the Mr Printables craft and design website for ages. And they have recently introduced their own line of cool kid’s toys, called Rock & Pebble. Stella fell in love with her little Pear house instantly, it’s so much more creative and imaginative than a traditional dollhouse. She brought out all of her little blocks and dolls and played for hours. And it even folds flat so that we can bring it on holiday with us!

Je suis un fan depuis longtemps du site créatif et ludique de Mr Printables. Et maintenant ils ont leur propre marque de jouets et activités pour petits, qui s’appelle Rock & Pebble. Stella a adoré sa petit maisonette Poire toute suite, plus ludique et imaginative qu’une maison de poussée classique. Elle a joué pendant des heures. En plus on peut le mettre plat pour voyager en train avec nous en vacances!

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Beautiful Bonjour

I’ve always been a fan of Anne Millet’s universe on her blog Mymobilhome, and she has just launched her own brand called bonjour!  She makes beautiful things for the home, children and accessories perfect for the warm weather to come. Delicate fabrics, pretty prints and tie & dye, all with her subtile bohemian touch.

Je suis une grande fan de l’univers de Anne Millet et son blog Mymobilhome, et elle vient juste de lancer sa propre marque, bonjour! Elle fait de jolis objets pour la maison, pour enfants et des accessoires parfaite pour le beau temps à venir. Les tissus délicat, de jolies imprimés et tie & dye, tout avec sa touche délicate et bohème. 

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Mommy love

Don’t forget to celebrate the mom you love this week!

Here’s a pretty selection to say “Je t’Aime” from Etsy … 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 56 / 7 / 8

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Easter is coming

Easter is almost here, so here is a selection from French Blossom with a few ideas for the little ones. Have a wonderful weekend and easter holiday!

Ca serra bientôt Pâques, alors voici une petite sélection de chez French Blossom pour les petits. Bon weekend et bonnes vacances de Pâques!

bunny / bow-tie / blanket / cup / sneakers / hat

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Cherry Blossoms

Sunday was the Bonjour Colette - Tokyo music festival in the Parc de Sceaux, it was beautiful cherry blossom season, and even though the weather was not too great the kids had great fun dancing and running around. Merci Colette for the new discovery, it was beautiful surprise.

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Kids room inspiration

We are still trying to get the house organized and I am constantly looking for inspiration. I so wish we had more light in their room to hang some plants…

Here are a few inspiring kids rooms : 1 /2 /3 /4 / 5 / 6 / 7


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