January crushes

Starting January fresh, and here are some of my major crushes so far this year :

Somewhere to hang my hats

New artwork

A suede clutch

A velvet couch

The eternal question – shorter hair?

These shoes

And these earrings

Pastel plates

New sheets


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A fresh new year

I am so happy to welcome 2016 with open arms. To move past the terrible and emotional year that was 2015. To try and start fresh, with new resolutions and hopes.

Some goals for 2016

To be more patient, to really take time for myself, to drink more water, to drink less coffee, to read a book (yes, an actual book, not a magazine), to take time for my skin (yeah, 40 is the new 20, but tell that to my skin!), to make more time for my family, to be more creative with the kids, to put down the phone, to get outside, to relax and to slow down and enjoy – basically to just be a little better at everything I am trying to do right now – and again, to be more patient. Breathe…

Here’s to a year of peace and honesty, of love and kindness, of forgiveness, of strength, of hope. Happy 2016 friends, wishing you all the very best for this new year.

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Some fresh air and mud

We haven’t been out of town since this summer, so over the weekend we made a quick trip to our favorite farm for some much needed fresh air. We braved the cold and the mud to pick our own veggies and a few pumpkins for Halloween. It was so nice for the kids to be able to dig in the dirt and eat apples fresh off the trees, but man is it cold out here already! We came home with lots of mud, good memories and a crate of apples that will last for weeks. Hope you are all having a nice week!


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Over the Ocean

Loving the selection and feel of this new online store Over the Ocean. The selection is great and these photos of Anna Cor’s house on their muse section are beautiful…

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